Living Room Dreams

Living Room Dreams

As I sit here, writing my first blog for @greyhousecreative, I am looking around at my living room thinking ‘you need a jolly good make over’! The walls are a bit tatty and we could definitely do with a pair of new curtains. But let’s take a reality check! Christmas is on the way so my new living room will just have to wait until next year. 

Unfortunately, my bank balance won’t currently stretch to having my lounge re-designed by my favourite artist #kellyhoppen ! But, I know there is still so much I can do to freshen up the space and give it a new feel for Autumn. 

You see I am really passionate about design. I believe real creativity is something that chooses you and can’t just be taught. Having worked in the fashion industry I have been exposed to all sorts of design. Whether it is the architecture I see in London during my commute to work or the lady that gets on my train everyday with the sharp Vidal Sassoon bob. Or, I hate to admit it, my secret passion is looking at people’s ceiling coving in their homes. I just love design and that’s why we decided to set up our new business Grey House Creative. 

@greyhousecreative we sell personalised artwork for the home. Whether it’s a stylish black and white print for the living room or fun designs for your children’s bedroom. We cater for all ages and it’s a great way to introduce style and colour to a dull room or add pastel/neutral wall art to a bright room that can help tone down the space. 

Anyway, back to having an autumn spring-clean… My thought of the day is give yourself a little task over the weekend and look at all the photos you display in your home. Pick up the frames, move them around and mix up the shapes and sizes. This small job will freshen up a room and will introduce new character to your walls. It’s just a small task but it will brighten up your space. 

Keep posted for my next blog over the weekend where I will talk about introducing a photo wall to your home – “Let the walls speak for themselves”.

Thanks for reading, contact us at if you’re looking for inspirational artwork for your home.

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