Let the walls speak for themselves

Photo Wall

Photo walls are on trend these days. They are simple but an effective way to add a personal touch to any space in your home.

As a designer I have helped a handful of my clients with ideas and inspirations for their feature walls. It’s seems like a daunting task as it’s not a project you can just create in one day. But look, I’m here to help you by giving you tips along the way.

First you need to choose a location, a wall that you can turn into a story. An area where you can draw in colour and reflect personality into your home.

Depending on the size of the area will depend on what you can display on your walls. Make the most of small spaces in your home. An unloved corner can be transformed into a centrepiece. Do you want to tell a story with your art? If so, you can create impact with your design by using images from one particular event. A #wedding #birthday or #lifeevent like fun images of your children.

Tip: Try to stick to the same colour theme. If you are looking to introduce more of a neutral tone then stick to black & white artwork. This will create a stylish yet timeless feel to a wall. If you are looking to add colour to your walls then be bold and choose prints that feature block colour. This will instantly brighten a room and draw attention to your design.

@greyhousecreative we design personalised prints that are perfect for a gallery wall. The frame and mount is very important to us too. We sell artwork in contemporary black or white frames and all of our prints come with a surround mount. Do have a look at our website for design inspiration. Whether you are looking to create a gallery in your living room or a feature wall in your baby’s nursery we can help you every step of the way.

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