Month: November 2017

Photo Ledge


I have to admit, I love a photo, a keepsake of a memory that you can look back on and smile. The problem is these days we take so many photos on our phones we forget to bring our walls to life with our journey. I remember when I was younger I would go to my nana’s house and she always had the same photos in the same frames on the same shelf. Little did I know at the time that I had an eye for design, but I would always move the frames around to create an eye catching display. I’m sure when I left to go home she would move them back to their original spot!

As time’s moved on I think we’re more receptive to change and this week I want to encourage you to mix up your frames and create wall art by hanging a photo ledge on a wall.

Photo Ledges!

The photo ledge is the little sister of a floating shelve. It’s a slim panel that holds an array of photos that can be switched out or added to easily. It’s super easy to take down a picture if you fancy a change or you can update a frame with a new family photo. On the plus side there are less holes to drill in the walls and no more crooked picture frames.

A picture ledge won’t break the bank balance and they can add texture and interest to a wall to create a feature. Give it a try, it’s an easy way to display your story.

Photo Ledge

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